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Sawada Tsunayoshi, known as Tsuna or No-Good Tsuna, doesn't wish to be bullied by various people who are bigger, meaner, and certainly tougher than him — and, of course, who does wish to be bullied?

It isn't like he wants it to happen, it just happens! Whether it is because Tsuna accidentally does something to anger a bully or whether a bully just thinks Tsuna to be an easy target, the thing is that Tsuna gets bullied. A lot.

Sure, his good — and only — friend Gokudera Hayato tries his best to fend off the bullies, but that only works when Gokudera is around. And if Gokudera is stronger than him, which he most of the time is. But when he is by his lonesome, he finds himself hunted down by his bullies.

Like what is currently happening.

"GET BACK HERE, NO-GOOD TSUNA!" yells his classmate Katsuo, his two friends flanking him. They are currently running after, well, Tsuna, who is running as fast as possible. And he is running rather fast. Getting bullied a lot makes you able to run for long distances for a long amount of time.

However, Tsuna is surprised he hasn't tripped and fallen yet. He is really clumsy, and so he tends to fall a lot, especially when he's attempting to run away from bullies. And yet, surprisingly, he hasn't tripped yet.

Unfortunately, his bullies are persistent, and haven't given up on chasing him.

"HIIE!" shrieks Tsuna fearfully, tears falling rapidly down his cheeks.

Gokudera, please get well quickly! Tsuna thinks desperately to himself, urging his legs to cover more distance faster. You see, the reason Gokudera isn't at school recently is because he recently got sick and is being treated by Dr. Shamal, his family doctor who apparently likes to treat only girls.

Tsuna suspects the only reason he's treating Gokudera is to spend more time with Bianchi, Gokudera's step-sister. Also known as the only person Gokudera fears due to some horrifying childhood trauma involving disgusting, 'poisonous' cookies, Gokudera had explained to him.

Either way, Gokudera is sick, and this means that Tsuna's bullies are having quite some fun bullying him without interruptions for the past two days.

"Stop running, No-Good Tsuna!" shouts one of Katsuo's friends. "We're gonna catch you eventually!"

Tsuna sobs in horror, and quickly takes a right down the street. And he enters the first shop he sees. All the while hoping against hope that Katsuo and his friends won't follow him inside. Maybe they haven't seen him enter, so they will just leave and attempt to pick on him tomorrow?

"Welcome to Reborn Host Café. Would like a table for one?"

"HIIE!" shouts Tsuna, whipping his head around to see a rather handsome man standing there, staring down at him with a cheerful smile.

"Is there anything wrong?" asks the man, tilting his head to the side while still smiling serenely.

Tsuna finds himself blushing, and he turns his head back towards the entrance, the glass doors showing Katsuo and his friends wildly looking around for him. Thankfully, he is in a...well, not a shop. He's actually in a café, from what the man had said.

"U-Uhm, n-nothing," he stammers, rubbing the back of his neck in nervousness. "I-I'd like a table f-for one, thank you." Am I even going to get back to school? Probably not, since Katsuo and his friends will be waiting for me. If Hibari-san finds out, I'm doomed! 'Hibari-san' being Hibari Kyoya, the scary Head of the Disciplinary Committee who likes to fight a little too much. And by little too much, Tsuna means a lot. Not only that, but since Tsuna — and Gokudera, what with his fighting and discard for pretty much everything — regularly manages to one way or another break school rules, Hibari tends to harass Tsuna quite often.

"Right this way," says the handsome black-haired man. "I'm afraid we don't exactly have a table for one, so I'll be directing you to a table for two. I hope you don't mind…?"

"E-Er, Sawada Tsunayoshi," Tsuna stammers, realizing after a few seconds time that the man wanted his name.

"Sawada-sama," finishes the man elegantly.

Tsuna felt his left eye twitch at the '-sama'. "Er, uh, there's n-no need for the suffix…" he says, embarrassed.

"Of course there is, Sawada-sama!" says the black-haired man cheerfully. "This is a host café, after all! I, Asari Ugetsu, along with all of the other hosts, must keep all customers comfortable and treat them as queens! And, of course, kings."

Tsuna's eyes widen in shock, and he almost trips over his own two feet. H-HOST CAFÉ?! How do I always manage to find myself in weird situations?!

He dares not say anything like that aloud, however, and only follows Asari silently, looking around awkwardly. Almost everywhere he looks, he sees various men in suits with wide smiles and sparkling eyes — all very handsome — serving various women. He twitches when he notices that there appears to be no male guests apart from himself and wants to collapse from embarrassment.

He hadn't expected to accidentally run into a host café! And if anyone who knows him finds him in one…he will be bullied far worse than he currently is!

"Here you are, Sawada-sama. Please, take a seat, and a host will come get your order shortly," he says cheerfully before bowing a respectful 90 degrees and leaving Tsuna to his lonesome.

I'll stay here until Katsuo and his friends leave the place, and then I'll...I'll go home or something. Tell okaa-san that school let out early, if she asks. Tsuna doesn't like lying to his mother, but what else can he do? He doesn't want to stress his mother out by telling her that he had gotten bullied, so he has to lie.

Sighing softly, Tsuna sits down, places his cheek in his hand, and continues to look around when his breath catches in his throat.

His eyes have landed on the most handsome man he has ever seen.

Blonde hair that is in a similar hairstyle as his own, bright, playful blue eyes and a charming grin is what Tsuna sees, making his heart beat significantly faster. The blonde-haired — and the colour looks natural, on top of that! — man has very handsome features, and is quite tall as well. He most certainly is older than Tsuna, and appears to be a kind, caring man from how easily he laughs and how charmingly he bows to the woman seated in front of him. Tsuna swears he sees hearts in the woman's eyes.

Wow, I wish I could be that cool, Tsuna can't help think, finding himself looking up to the blonde-haired man.

And, before he can do anything else much less think anything else, his cellphone begins to vibrate in his pants pocket.

The response is immediate. Tsuna squeals in shock, making people close to him turn their heads to stare at him. With bright red cheeks, he fishes out the phone and presses it to his ear, whispering a soft greeting (not wanting to make more of a commotion he already had).

"Sawada-sama!" Tsuna sighs to himself. It is no doubt Gokudera. No one else calls him 'Sawada-sama' except for — well, Asari now. Before he had stepped into the host café, it had been only Gokudera who called him such a ridiculous name. However, whenever he tried to get Gokudera to just call him 'Tsuna', he always declined the offer. For some reason he found it rude to call him by his first name (though it was a nickname).

"Gokudera-kun," Tsuna greets, making sure to keep his voice quiet. "Are you feeling better now?" He isn't asking only because it would mean that Gokudera can come back to school and keep his bullies at bay. Gokudera is Tsuna's only friend, and thus he means a lot to him. Especially since he's kind enough to regard him so highly even when he doesn't need to.

"Yes, Sawada-sama, I'm feeling much better! Unfortunately, Aniki's home, so I'm going to slip out as quietly as possible to meet you! Is it still lunch time?"

Tsuna winces, running a hand through his spiky hair with his free hand. "Uhm, yes. see, the thing is...I'm not at school right now, Gokudera-kun," he replies a bit sheepishly.

"You're not at school? Did you get sick, Sawada-sama? Don't worry! As your best friend, I'll come visit you immediately!"

"N-No, G-Gokudera-kun!" stammers Tsuna feebily. "I'm not s-sick, so don't c-come to my house! I-...I'm actually...y-you see, I..." He doesn't want to tell Gokudera that he is at a host café of all places, but he doesn't want to unnecessarily lie to his only friend, either! "I-I was chased by some classmates t-to a...a host café. Reborn Host Café, I think it's called."

"Chased?" shouts Gokudera in surprise, and grows angry quickly. "Someone bullied you while I wasn't at school? Sawada-sama, I'm so sorry! I'll be there in no time, don't worry! I won't fail you again!"

"I-It's fine, G-Gokudera-kun — y-you don't need to do that!" Tsuna says desperately, however Gokudera has already closed the phone and the dial tone is all he hears. How does Gokudera even know where the host café is anyway? Then again, it's Gokudera. He's smart enough to figure something out and find out where it is.

Sagging into his seat, he quickly places the cellphone back into the pants pocket of his school uniform and nervously glances around. Everyone, thankfully, has gone back to eating and making googly eyes at all the men walking around with suits — the hosts, obviously.

"May I take your order?"

Tsuna jumps in his seat, and thank goodness he doesn't squeal, before snapping his head towards where the voice came from. And finds himself staring into those bright, playful blue eyes he had sighted before from afar. Except now those eyes so are close to him that he notices a few flecks of…gold.

Blinking furiously, Tsuna shakily picks up the menu in front of him and flips through it, trying to find something not too expensive. BUT EVERYTHING IS SO EXPENSIVE! Who exactly is the person who ran this place? A glass of water costs a thousand yen! That really shouldn't cost anything!

Sighing in useless angst, Tsuna looks up at the handsome man, finding himself unable to look directly at him, and stutters out, "I-I'll have a c-cup of E-Earl Grey, p-please."

The man grins at him. "Excellent choice!" he tells him cheerfully, much like Asari. "My name is Giotto — you may call me whatever you wish."

By the way is expectantly looking at him, Tsuna deduces that he's waiting for him to introduce himself, so he hastily says, "I-I'm Sawada Tsunayoshi."

"It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Sawada-sama. I'll be right back with your tea." Giving him a graceful bow that for some strange reason makes Tsuna blush furiously, he leaves Tsuna once more by his lonesome.

As if on cue, the door to the café bursts open and there stands a panting Gokudera, who enters the café and begins glancing around, no doubt looking for Tsuna. Various women turn towards him and start giggling and whispering amongst themselves at how handsome he is. They even ponder over whether or not he is a new host. And Gokudera very well could be one with his handsome features, if not for the slouched shoulders and huge frown he has on his face.

Asari sidles up to him, smiling warmly, and greets him. "Table for one, Gokudera-kun?" Tsuna faintly hears him ask. How does he know his name anyway? Does...does Gokudera-kun come here often?!

Gokudera directs his frown and a glare towards him. "No, Asari," he grunts. "I'm looking for someone. His name is Sawada Tsunayoshi. Have you seen him come in?"

Tsuna quickly gets up from his seat and approaches them. "G-Gokudera-kun!" he stammers, smiling tentatively at his friend.

Gokudera's frown leaves his face the moment his eyes land on Tsuna, eyes lighting up, and he saunters over to him. "Sawada-sama, there you are! Are you alright? You're not hurt, are you?"

"N-No, Go-Gokudera-kun, I-I-I'm fine," he stutters, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

Gokudera's smile vanishes as he begins to growl. "Sawada-sama, tell me where those bastards are. I'll take care of them for you with no trouble!"

Tsuna's eyes widen to the size of dinner plates. "T-There's n-n-no need for that, G-G-Gokudera-kun!" he squeaks before peering over his friend's shoulder. He inwardly groans when, through the glass doors, he sees Katsuo and his friends still hanging out outside. They still are looking for him? "L-Let's sit down for a bit, okay?"

Gokudera awkwardly glances around the café. "H-Here, Sawada-sama?" he questions, looking a bit nervous. Maybe because they are in a host café? That has to be it, no doubt. He's probably wondering why Tsuna came in here in the first place, since Tsuna definitely is not gay.

"Just for a bit," he squeaks hesitantly. "I...I already ordered some tea. I-I...could order some for you if you want?"

"Of course not, Sawada-sama!" Gokudera looks scandalized at the thought. "You shouldn't spend your money on anyone else but yourself!"

"I-It's fine, G-Gokudera-kun. I-I don't mind. Y-You a-are my f-f-friend...?" Eek. That came out as more of a question than a statement! Then again, Tsuna always finds himself surprised whenever he thinks of Gokudera as a friend. After all, why is someone as cool and dangerous as him hanging around with someone as wimpy as himself?

Gokudera blushes at Tsuna's words, scratching the back of his head. "I-I'm honoured you feel that way, Sawada-sama," he murmurs. "Still, I don't want you to spend money on me. Thank you so much for the kind sentiment."

"Y-You don't need t-to thank m-m-me, Go-Gokudera-kun," Tsuna continues to stammer awkwardly before apologetically turning to Asari, who has been just standing there smiling serenely at the two for the longest time. "S-Sorry for t-t-taking so much of your t-t-time, Asari-san."

"It's completely fine, Sawada-sama!" he says, bowing. Gokudera glares at the man, who seems to not notice whatsoever.

"Well, then. Sawada-sama and Gokudera-kun, this way, please," he says, directing them back to Tsuna's previous table. How he remembers where Tsuna had previously been seated, Tsuna has absolutely no idea. Just like how he has no idea why he referred to Gokudera with a '-kun' instead of a '-sama'.

Either way, Asari waits while they get seated before bowing respectfully once more and retreating back to greet any potential guests at the entrance doors.

Quickly enough, Gokudera begins to ask Tsuna how the days without him went at school, all the while apologizing profusely for not being there. Tsuna finds himself a bit exasperated, since it isn't exactly Gokudera's fault for getting sick and not being at school. Still, he is extremely glad that Gokudera is feeling better. It has been rather dull without his friend around, he must admit. He can't be grateful enough for such a wonderful friend like Gokudera Hayato.

No matter how much trouble he manages to cook up for the two of them.
Reborn stares at how everything is going at his café from the video feed given to him by various, strategically-placed security cameras. Everything seems to be going as usual — there are various women being wooed and his hosts are impeccable as always. The food being made is as exquisite as ever, and money is being raked in easily and quickly.

In short, everything at his host café is boring.

Sighing heavily, Reborn rests his cheek on his hand, changing to a different security camera with the simple click of a remote.

Sure, he's glad that his host café is going swimmingly well, but there isn't anything terribly exciting happening. What a bore it is, to just simply sit around at his mansion and watch his business flourish.

He chuckles aloud. Well, looks like he'll just have to drop in for one of his random checks.

He presses the button at his lavish work table and watches as his personal assistant walks into the room, bowing politely at his boss and awaiting his orders.

"Fon, we'll be going to the host café here in Namimori," he informs his personal assistant. "Get the car ready."

"Of course, Reborn-sama," says the man with another low bow, not questioning his decision even once, and leaves the room. Just what is expected of him, of course.

Reborn then stands up and closes the video feed, smirking all the while.

Looks like it's time to stir up something interesting himself.
"We should probably leave soon, Sawada-sama," Gokudera mumbles, looking around almost nervously and slouching down in his seat.

Tsuna furrows his eyebrows in surprise because of Gokudera's weird behaviour. Usually he isn't like this, all nervous and secretive and hushed. Is there something wrong? Does Gokudera really not like host cafés or something?

He opens his mouth, about to ask, when Giotto suddenly comes up to the table, tea in hand.

"Here you are, Sawada-sama. Earl Grey tea." He places the tea in front of him before turning towards Gokudera, only to furrow his eyebrows, looking surprised. "Gokudera, what are you doing here?"

"G-Giotto-nii!" he stammers, nervously pulling at his uniform collar. He doesn't even look up at him.

Giotto-nii? Is Giotto...Gokudera's...BROTHER?! Tsuna almost falls out of his chair in shock. But they look nothing alike whatsoever! It would, however, sort of explain how Gokudera seems to know the place.

"This is the first time I've seen you in here during customer hours," says Giotto, laughing wamly, "and with a friend, no less!" He turns to Tsuna. "It's very nice to meet you, Gokudera's friend! I'm Gokudera's brother's friend. Ha, isn't that a mouthful!"

Tsuna feels himself deflate a little at that. But then he realizes what Giotto had just said. Wait! So Gokudera does have a brother? Why didn't he tell me before?

"N-Nice to m-meet you," Tsuna nervously says to Giotto, attempting an awkward bow while sitting, before turning to Gokudera tentatively. "G-G-...Gokudera-kun. You never t-told me y-you had a brother." Tsuna only knew of his step-sister, Bianchi (and, unfortunately, had met the woman too — it hadn't been the best meeting, what with her scary, intimidating stares).

Gokudera coughs into his fist. "Y-Yes, I do have a brother, Sawada-sama," he murmurs, looking a bit dejected and embarrassed.

Giotto raises an eyebrow. "'Sawada-sama'? Are you looking to work here or something, Gokudera?" he asks with a small, teasing smile on his face.

"Of course not, Blonde Bastard!" Gokudera barks, looking almost scandalized. "Still, I won't refer to Sawada-sama by his first name — that's very disrespectful!"

Tsuna blushes at this. "Gokudera-kun, w-we're friends. You don't have to call me Sawada-sama," he whispers shyly, unsure of how to exactly act around such a cool guy like Giotto. What if he realizes how wimpy and klutzy he actually is? He'll immediately think him to be a loser! (Though Giotto doesn't exactly look like the type to be so mean...but still! Who knows?)

"It's fine, Sawada-sama. I want to call you that." Gokudera gives him an adoring smile, making Tsuna blush even more furiously.

Giotto watches the two in interest. "So...are you two, you know..." he trails off suggestively with a shrug of his shoulders. Gokudera and Tsuna turn to him, having no idea what he means.

"" Giotto reluctantly finishes when he realizes he won't get any answer from them if he doesn't. "I'm totally fine with that, y'know. I don't care if you two are."

"WHAT!" yells Gokudera, standing up from his seat. Tsuna waves his arms at him to sit down and quiet his voice, but he appears not to notice him in his rage. "ARE YOU INSANE, YOU BLONDE BASTARD?! HOW DARE YOU ASK SAWADA-SAMA AND I SUCH A QUESTION! ARE YOU QUESTIONING OUR MASCULINITY — SAWADA-SAMA'S MASCULINITY?"

Giotto blinks, looking not at all scared. Instead, he looks exasperated. "Calm down, Gokudera," he tells him. "I didn't mean it in that way. I was just wondering, that's all."


"Gokudera!" comes a sudden voice from behind Giotto. "What the hell are you doing, creating such a ruckus here?" And then a man is standing next to Giotto with his arms crossed and a very familiar frown on his face. He has red, almost pink, hair, coupled with anger-filled red — hiie, so scary! — eyes. Oh, and a gigantic tattoo on one side of his face.

This most certainly is Gokudera's elder brother. No doubt about in Tsuna's mind, considering the fact that he sounds and looks like Gokudera. The similarity is difficult not to notice.

Gokudera pales, surreptitiously glancing towards Tsuna. "Nii-san," he finally murmurs, looking embarrassed.

"Damn right it's Nii-san, you idiot!" snaps the man, narrowing his red eyes at his younger brother. "What the hell are you doing here, causing such a huge frickin' scene?" He hits the boy on the back of the head, not looking sorry even in the slightest when Gokudera curses, eyes watering from the pain. Tsuna winces.

"Now, now, G-kun," Asari says cheerfully, coming out of practically nowhere. "It's not polite to hit customers, whether or not they are your brother."

"Asari is right there, G," says another voice, filled with amusement and...Tsuna shivers. There is just something almost sadistic in the tone that simply scares him. Even Gokudera, Giotto and G feel the same, stiffening. Only Asari seems unaffected, cheerfully smiling away, though Tsuna can see that he's slightly shocked from the man's sudden appearance.

Tsuna slowly swivels his head to see a man who wearing an immaculate black suit matched with a black fedora that hides most of his face from view. His hands are coolly placed in his pockets.

Not only that, but behind him stands another man with his black hair in a long braid. He clutches a clipboard in both hands. He stands out a lot considering the fact that he is wearing a traditional yukata, but doesn't really seem to care. Or notice at all, really.

"R-Reborn-sama!" stammers Giotto.

Hurriedly, G, Giotto and Asari are bowing lowly to him before straightening up a few seconds later. They all seem a bit flustered by his appearance, while Gokudera looks rather...scared.

If Gokudera of all people is afraid of this Reborn, then Tsuna really should be running for the hills right now. Still, he finds himself rooted in his chair; unable to move and very glad that the man's gaze isn't on him.

As if he voiced this aloud, Reborn's eyes snap to him. Tsuna flinches, almost squeaks high-pitched and femininely, and proceeds to tremble in his chair. And oh, did the tablecloth always look so…white? He never noticed until now.

Reborn chuckles, the sound deep and throaty and very scary. "It's time for the annual check, my hosts," he purrs, smirking at Asari, G and Giotto. They all instantly pale at the words.

"I'll be checking up on the other hosts. And then, G and Giotto, we'll have about how not to be so disrespectful to guests. Despite their gender or their...sexual orientation."

SEXUAL ORIENTATION? But I'm not gay! Tsuna can't help think to himself in desperation and horror.

After all, he does like Sasagawa Kyoko, a very popular girl at his school. He blushes at the mere thought of her, though nothing will ever come of his crush. He never talks to her, as much as he may wish to, and she probably doesn't even know he exists. Even if they are in the same class. And, if by some chance she does, then she probably knows him as No-Good Tsuna. She no doubt thinks of him as that one boy who is always bullied by everyone and never fails to embarrass himself daily. How horrible.

"Annual? It's never annual. That asshole just strolls in whenever he pleases," G mutters crossly to himself once Reborn and the man with the clipboard walk towards the kitchens, where the rest of the hosts most likely are located. A few hosts here and there are scattered around in the room as well, talking politely with guests and serving them their paid-for food.

"Now, now, G-kun," Asari says, placing a hand on his shoulder that G is quick to shrug off. "You shouldn't say such things. He is the one who pays us, after all."

Huh. Tsuna did have a feeling that he is their boss. Not only that, but his name is Reborn and the café is called 'Reborn Host Café'. Really, it just all added up with a little help of common sense. (Yes, Tsuna was surprised by the fact that he had common sense, too.)

"Che," scoffs G in a very Gokudera-like fashion. "Whatever."

"We should probably get back to working again," Giotto murmurs, looking a bit worried. "You never know when Reborn may try to hound on us instead of the others."

"Very true," Asari comments.

G rolls his eyes. "Who are you, my boss?" he says. "Plus, I'm pretty sure he'll be very busy with Lampo. That guy has no idea whatsoever how to do anything; he just expects everything to be done for him. Why Reborn doesn't fire him, I'll never know."

"Perhaps because Lampo-kun does bring in quite a lot of costumers, despite his...interesting personality," Asari says with a small shrug. "All of us do, really."

"No duh, this is a host café," Gokudera pipes suddenly, all eyes turning towards him. "You guys are supposed to be the main attraction."

Asari, Giotto and G immediately begin to blush, looking around sheepishly. Tsuna can't help but crack a smile at this.

"Well then," Giotto says, "we should get back to, uhm, working now."

"Quite right," says Asari, and with a low bow directed Tsuna and Gokudera's way, he's off. G leaves as well, not even bothering to bow at the high schoolers, and then there's only Giotto who remains.

Giotto smiles at the two teens. "It was nice to see you again, Gokudera," Giotto says cheerfully before turning towards Tsuna. "Now, is it alright if I call you 'Tsuna'? You are, after all, Gokudera's friend. And any friend of my brother is a friend of mine. You can call me 'Giotto-nii' if you want."

Tsuna blushes at the thought of being on first-name basis, especially calling him "Giotto-nii", and opens his mouth to let him know he doesn't mind.

However, Gokudera interrupts with, "Of course you can't call Sawada-sama by his first name! And for the last time, you're not my brother, you got that? You're just my brother's friend!"

Giotto grins at him. "Then why do you call me 'Giotto-nii'?"

Gokudera has no answer for that, if the way his mouth opens and closes uselessly is any indicator.

Giotto chuckles at this, shaking his head. "Anyway, I should get going. See you around, Tsuna and Gokudera."

"G-Goodbye, G-G-...Giotto-nii," Tsuna shyly says, cheeks turning pink.

The blonde blinks, as if stunned, before slowly, he begins to smile wide. He winks at Tsuna, making the teen's eyes widen and blush worsen, and with a low bow, leaves to get back to work. Tsuna finds his voice stuck in his throat.

He WINKED at me! This is all Tsuna can think. And he did it so charmingly that I can't help but blush. Whoa. He's so cool! His appreciation for the man only grew the longer time spent around him.

Eventually, when he gets over his awe, Tsuna turns to Gokudera who is currently glaring down at the table. "Gokudera-kun...w-why didn't y-you tell me t-that you had a brother?" he can't help but ask. "D-Did you not want t-to...tell m-me?"

Gokudera is quick to deny this. "No, Sawada-sama!" He sighs heavily after a moment of silence. "It's just...embarrassing. I mean, Nii-san works at a host café of all things — I just didn't want you to know about that. So I didn't say anything about him. I'm sorry for keeping this from you, Sawada-sama. I understand if you don't want to be my friend anymore." The silver-haired teen places his hands on the table and bows so that his forehead is on the table.

"O-Of course not, G-Gokudera-kun! This d-doesn't c-change anything b-b-between us!" Tsuna says fast, his hands up in a surrender position.

Gokudera glances up at him, looking relieved. "Really? I'm so glad, Sawada-sama! Thank you!"

"I-It's okay, Gokudera-kun. You d-didn't have to a-apologize," Tsuna tried to say. "I don't mind if your brother is part of a host café." Truly, he doesn't. To Tsuna, there isn't anything hugely wrong with Gokudera's brother working in a host café, and who is Tsuna to judge people anyway? He's just the school loser, No-Good Tsuna.

Gokudera practically beams. "I should've realized that Sawada-sama is so kind and accepting of people! It is just the type of quality such a perfect man like you should and do possess!"

Tsuna's left eye starts to twitch. Him, No-Good Tsuna, perfect? He decides not to comment on that and instead just tosses another awkward smile his friend's way.

"Yo, Tsuna, Gokudera! I didn't know you guys came to host cafés!"

Tsuna and Gokudera turn to see one of their classmates, Yamamoto Takeshi, standing there. He is grinning cheerfully, as always, and his eyes are closed. Tsuna reddens in embarrassment. Oh no! Someone from school saw us in a HOST CAFÉ of all things! I'm going to be made fun of even more now!

Not only that, but Yamamoto is a very popular guy in Namimori High, the school they go to. Sure, he isn't all that smart (his grades are just a bit higher than Tsuna's). On the other hand, he is really talented when it comes to baseball. Plus, he's very handsome, so lots of girls fawn over him and none of the guys can be overly rude to him because of this thanks to his kind and accepting nature.

The weird part is that Yamamoto likes to hang around with them quite a few times during school. Tsuna always is surprised when he does, while Gokudera always is angry about it. Apparently, he doesn't find Yamamoto 'fit' to hang around 'such a wonderful man like Sawada-sama'.

It was Gokudera's words, not his own. Really.

Gokudera stammers nervously, looking just as embarrassed as Tsuna for being caught in a host café, before he begins to glare at the baseball player. "We don't always go to these sorts of cafés; don't you dare defile Sawada-sama's character like that! And what are you doing here anyway, Baseball Idiot?"

Yamamoto grins at them, looking unperturbed by the silver-haired teen's words. "I work here!"

That is when Tsuna properly notices his attire. He is wearing a suit, much like how the other hosts were, and it seems to make him look much taller and slimmer than he usually does. (How that is even possible, Tsuna will never know.)

"But today's a school day!" Gokudera argues, frowning.

"Haha! Well, my old man's sushi restaurant isn't going good when it comes to customers as it normally does. So I decided to get a well-paying part-time job to help him out," Yamamoto explains, rubbing the back of his head nervously. "I sometimes don't go to school to work here. I'd really appreciate it if you didn't tell Hibari. Haha, he'd beat me up real bad!" Tsuna almost falls out of his chair at how cheerfully Yamamoto talks of Hibari beating him up.

"D-Don't worry, Y-Yamamoto-kun," Tsuna pipes up suddenly, giving the boy a small smile. "W-We won't t-tell H-H-Hibari-san anything a-about this."

His friend huffs, crossing his arms. "...fine. If Sawada-sama won't tell that prefect about your disgusting part-time job, Baseball Idiot, then I won't either."

Yamamoto's smile turns less nervous and he looks more relieved. "Haha — thanks, you guys! I'm glad you won't tell."

"Che," scoff Gokudera, rolling his eyes. "Whatever."

"Now, I think it's time for me to go back to work before Reborn comes back from the kitchen," Yamamoto says cheerfully, though there is no mistaking the slight terror in his voice and even in his rigid posture. "Reborn is just as scary as Hibari, if not more!"

"Am I, now?"

HIIE! WHERE DID HE COME FROM?! Tsuna thinks to himself, staring at Reborn with wide, frightened eyes. By Gokudera's shocked expression, he can tell that his friend hadn't noticed the man until just now as well.

Yamamoto turns around, looking sheepish, and nervously laughs. "Yeah, you kind of are," he admits. "You sneak up well behind others without them noticing — just like Hibari! Are you two related or something? Haha!"

Reborn smirks, tilting his head forward so that his fedora hides his eyes rather mysteriously. "No," he answers. "But Fon is."

Fon? Who is that? The brown-haired teen wonders, however both Gokudera and Yamamoto turn towards the man with the clipboard (when did he get there? He seems to be just as quick and silent as Reborn!). Which most likely means that he is Fon.

And, apparently, he is related to Hibari Kyoya. Although, by how serene and harmless Fon looks, it is kind of weird that him and Kyoya are related. Then again, his looks are very similar to the head prefect's. Not only that but he has been silent the whole time, much like how Kyoya can be.

"Seriously?" Gokudera says, looking flabbergasted.

Reborn says nothing while Fon merely nods his head. "It is true," he says, and doesn't say anything else on the subject.

Gokudera is, once again, rendered speechless. It is quite unusual, to be truthful — usually it's difficult for him to be quiet. Especially during situations when he should really not talk yet he still does.

"That's cool!" Yamamoto says. His shocked look has left and he is smiling and laughing heartily. Women near him see this and sigh loudly, looking very enamored by the handsome host.

The silver-haired boy is disgruntled by the baseball player. He rolls his eyes at him, and glares angrily at all the females fawning over him with disgust. It's really obvious to Tsuna that he doesn't like the idea of host cafés and...well, girls.

It's weird yet true. Gokudera isn't really interested in women for some reason, and certainly not interested in the girls from Namimori High who have crushes on him. He tends to ignore them and bad-mouth them. Unfortunately for him, however, this only makes them like him more for some strange, unexplainable reason. It's his "bad boy charm", or so Tsuna hears them say. How him hating the opposite gender is charming, Tsuna may never know.

"Shut up, Baseball Idiot! That isn't cool at all," Gokudera growls, huffing.

Yamamoto laughs once more but doesn't say anything. Thank goodness for that, or else Gokudera might've blown his top for sure. And there is no need for that sort of thing, really.

"So, Yamamoto: tell me why, exactly, you're not working," Reborn suddenly says, turning towards Yamamoto and smiling at him. But it isn't actually a smile; it's the sort of smile that looks like one though it is horribly obvious that it isn't. It's a fake smile; a disarming smile; a creepy smile; a scary smile.

Tsuna finds himself trembling from head to toe, scared of the man in front of him and very glad that he isn't on the opposite end of such a smile.

Yamamoto, unfortunately, is. He looks a bit nervous as he laughs weakly. "Sorry 'bout that, Reborn-san," he says, even adding a polite suffix. One that he hadn't before, when he had been talking about the man to Tsuna and Gokudera. "These are just my friends from school, so I decided to say hi."

Gokudera scoffs. "We aren't your friends!" he snarls. "And don't you dare even think that Sawada-sama is your friend!"

"G-Gokudera-kun!" says Tsuna, wide-eyed at his rudeness. Though, by now, the teen should really be used to it.

"'Sawada-sama', huh?" murmurs Reborn, appearing amused. He turns towards Gokudera and Tsuna, making both of them immediately stiffen in their respective chairs. "You aren't too bad-looking, Gokudera Hayato."

The silver-haired teen blinks. "How do you know my —"

The man easily cuts him off, as if he hadn't talked at all. "With a little bit of work, you could easily become a talented host..."

"What? I don't want any part of —"

"Join my host café," finishes Reborn, his fedora covering his eyes once more, this time much more eerily than mysteriously, "or else."

Yamamoto, surprised, blinks.

Gokudera, disgruntled, glares.

And Tsuna, fearful, faints.
Title: Reborn Host Café
Summary: AU/Alternate Universe. Sawada Tsunayoshi, down on his luck, accidentally stumbles into a host café run by a very sadistic man. Things turn worse for the high schooler when he and his friend, Gokudera Hayato, are forced by said sadistic man to become hosts-in-training.
And then he meets Vongola Giotto, a fellow host — could things finally start looking up?
…Of course not.
Rating/Warning: PG-13/T, for language
Pairing(s): G27; Giotto/Tsuna, more pairings to be revealed later
A/N: I got the idea for this story rather randomly, though it might have to do with the fact that I've been itching to write G27 and because I've watched Ouran High School Host Club before. I just had the idea of something of that sort playing out with KHR, and thus this story was born.

This will basically be like a bunch of oneshots that don't have much to do with one another except from the fact that they are from the same AU. They will be in chronological order most of the time, and will have a different sort of plot each time — however, all the oneshots will be centered around Reborn Host Café and G27.

Also, I decided to change the ages of Tsuna and his Guardians, along with others like Bianchi, Kyoko and whatnot, since I didn't want Giotto and Tsuna to have that much of an age gap. So Tsuna is in high school in this AU, not middle school.

I'm thinking I'll end this story whenever I feel like ending it, really, though I will be sure to finish it after G27 is properly established. More pairings will be introduced apart from G27, so do throw in some ideas for pairings if you'd like. Not only that, but do let me know if you don't mind me upping the rating from PG-13/T to NC-17/R, since I am thinking of perhaps having some rated scenes. XD

Anywho, until next time!
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